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Mold Remediation with chemical solutions
Mold Remediation with chemical solutions




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Toxic Mold Training Program


SEMI’sToxic Mold Inspection and Toxic Mold Remediation24 Training Program is used by more State and Federal agencies then any other in the Industry!


This program is about the education! Not just a program designed to only sell you equipment or chemicals. At SEMI you will be educated about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Toxic Mold Inspection and Toxic Mold Remediation Industry!


SEMI’s Program is unique in that the instructor is a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor and Licensed Mold Remediator with over 38 years in the housing industry. Mr. Fishers experience and unique training method will allow you to comprehend and expand your knowledge base you need to be successful. Focusing in on the defects in construction, workmanship, and materials.This training program has broadened the horizons of even the most experienced building contractors, and environmental professionals around America.


SEMI’s 24 hour Program is accepted by and meets the requirements for theState of Louisiana Mold Remediation, and Basic Mold Assessment program.For those seeking their Florida License as a Mold Assessor or Mold RemediatorSEMI’s unique training is well worth the investment as a preparatory class. For those in other stated working for Bank’s Mortgage, and Insurance Companies responsible for maintaining foreclosures!   Those entities like to see that you have documentation that you’ve been trained. SEMI’s program can give you the edge you need in this tight competitive working environment! 


Our mold inspection & mold remediation course offers an in depth program on techniques and protocols used in the collection of mold samples. Safety techniques used by professionals to remediate mold contaminated material and discussions on solutions used to treat mold problems in residential, commercial, and healthcare environments that could pose health concerns to the public


Black Mold growing on ceiling.
Black Mold growing on ceiling.


Mold Course

Dangerous Mold
By: Carmen Coursey
News 13 On Your Side
Feb 18, 2003

I almost laughed when Bill Fisher, a mold inspector for AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc. , handed me a mask and goggles before our tour of a Panama City Beach home. But once inside, I was glad for the protection. "This is the bathroom door, and as you can see, it's just like the dining area door, covered with mold," said Bill. READ MORE

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Mold growing in home
Mold growing in home

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