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Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.
Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.


Air Carpet Sampling Kit
Air Carpet Sampling Kit


Bioaersol Cassette
Bioaersol Cassette


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Florida DBPR Approved Mold Certification, Mold Remediation Courses!

DBPR: Florida Department of Business Professional Regulations.

Certified Mold Assessor. Certified Mold Remediator, & Certified Water Restoration.

South Eastern Mold Institute Inc

Nationally & Internationally Recognized Mold Certification Training Institution Since 2002.

16 Years of Excellence in Environmental Training for Mold Related Services.


SEMWith Certified Members Around The World!

The United States, Canada, Bermuda (UK), 

The Bahamas, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Ireland, Jamaica, Germany,

The Cherokee Indian Nation, NC, France, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Italy, & The Philippines!

Above photo is William E. Fisher, Jr. Training, & Certifying, Florida Department of Health Inspectors

with Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). 2013 & 2016.

SEMI is used by more County, State & Federal Agencies then any other!

Note: All Photographs, of  Mold Certification Training , and Mold Remediation Classes,

and work projects on this website are genuine

SEMI promotional material, and not acquire stock for the construction of this website.

All material is Copyright protected!

Certification Class for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians February 2016 NC.


The Facts About SEMI Advanced Mold Certification Training Programs!

Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediation, & Certified Water Restoration Training.

SEMI by de facto standard, has achieved a dominant position by public, and governmental acceptance of our unique Air Quality Certification Training, and Mold Remediation programs. Water Restoration is also listed on your Advanced Training Certificate because after all as Mold Assessors, and Mold Remediators you are doing Water Restoration as covered in your training course material! Your advanced Certification training with us will prepare you and your employees for any situation!

When Disaster Strikes SEMI Certified Graduates get called!

SEMI was the first called in by Jani King the worlds largest cleaning franchise to train, and certify the first responders post Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA.

SEMI is NOT the least inexpensive certification program in America today! We offer a superior service to our students, and we receive a superior fee for your training. We at SEMI do not write you off once you have receive your certification training! SEMI provides support long after you have been trained with technical support, and phone project consulting if needed. We at SEMI do not charge you a yearly re-certification fee to keep your membership up to date! Your SEMI certification training fee covers your life long membership with our National and International Organization with members across America, and in ten (10)countries around the world.

 If your shopping for price only SEMI may not be for you! You pay for what you get in this world, and with others that may train you if the training is cheap! You’ll then be the proud owner of a piece of paper with no standing in the real world. Many of them are certifying themselves, creating fake organizations, and/or have joined other groups trying to give themselves some kind of relevancy. Its just an allusion!

 Relevance, and the value of your SEMI training certification comes from being approved for utilization by Federal, State, County, and City Governmental Agencies!

SEMI has achieved this long ago because we are still the number one choice for these Governmental Agencies to train their employees in the art of Mold Related Services!

SEMI has been picked and used by these Governmental Agencies for their Certification:

Bill Fisher: Instructor
President of SEMI

The Department of Defense, USMC, Army, & Air Force.

The Department of Homeland Security, GA

The Department of the Interior, MS

The State of Mississippi Department of Health. 2005

Veterans Health Administration at Gainesville, FL, & Miami, FL.

 Auburn University, Auburn, AL

 Campbell University, Buies Creek NC.

►  Morris College, Sumter SC. 

 Orange County Building Department, CA.

The Federal Prison System Vocational Training at Terminal Island, CA.

State of Florida Department of Health Care Administration 2013 & 2016

 Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, NC.

Ministry of Health Government of the Bahamas.

Roto-Rooter of Tampa, FL.

Jani King the Worlds Largest Cleaning Franchise, LA, & many more!


Join today! To get your Toxic Mold Certification, & life time membership at SEMI.

Study at home courses for $550.00 Mold Certification Inspection, Remediation, & Water Restoration!

We have hands on classes for $1,250.00Mold Certification Inspection, Remediation, & Water Restoration!

One on one private class for $1,500.00 Mold Certification for those with time or language concerns!


Large group classes & fee’s can be arranged for companies with too many employees for travel!

NoteSEMI Students Pay No Yearly Re-Certification Fee’s! Be a Member for life at SEMI!

Below Photo Department of Defense USMC, at Camp Lejeune, NC 2002

No matter the size of your remediation project SEMI’s Certification & Training will serve you well!


Training for Black Mold Treatments to combat Mold! Training for Remediation Projects form start to finish for the best results possible!


Get trained to find Mold where no one else can! SEMI will travel to train large classes of employees!

SEMI Certified students are the most successful in the indoor air quality industry!

Learn how to set-up your Inspection, and Remediation projects for the best results!


SEMI Training & Certification gives you the knowledge to respond to Environmental Emergency’s.

Learn how to set-up temporary emergency Air Conditioning, Dehumidifiers, and containment!


Collecting Samples for laboratory analysis! How to use Personal Protective Equipment!


SEMI Training will help you look for Mold.      At SEMI we answer your questions! 

Learn to look in places you would have never dreamed of! 


SEMI Training & Certification will give you the confidence needed to take on the big jobs!

Remember time is money, and you also have us for student support if needed!

So buy our Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, & Water Restoration Certification Course today!


At SEMI you’ll learn the safety protocols needed to keep your employees safe, and project on track!

Our training, and certification will educate you on the equipment needed, and techniques for success.

Certified Toxic Mold Assessor, Certified Toxic Mold Remediator, Citified Toxic Mold Water Restoration!

Don’t do it the hard way! Do it the smart way with Bill Fisher the SEMI way!

Get your SEMI Professional Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, & Water Restoration Certification with us today!

Train In Classroom $1,250
Train At Home $550
Bill can help you with your mold problem!

10% December Discount

$1,250 $1,125

$550 $500
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