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Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.


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Read below to see how our past students feel about their Quality Professional Certification from SEMI.


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SEMI Advanced Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, & Water Restoration Program.

On behalf of the employees here at Family Housing Division, I wish to thank you for traveling

here to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to conduct the Mold Certification training. The class

was very informative and is beneficial to us in our everyday jobs. I have received many positive

comments regarding the class.

M. Simmerman @ Camp Lejeune, USMC. NC. 11-24-03



Dear Mr. Fisher

I attended your class October 14-October 15 class of 2005 as a result of the devastation of the

Mississippi Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina. As a Safety Consultant for the Mississippi

Department of Health, it is my job to oversee the mold remediation being done in the numerous

health care facilities affected by Katrina. Therefore, it is imperative that I understand not only the

problems that mold can cause, but also the proper way to test and repair the affected areas.

Upon completing your class I am certain that the information you taught me will greatly enhance-

my ability to insure patient safety and help root out unscrupulous contractors operating in my

area. The class was very informative and the visual aides greatly contributed to the

overall presentation. Your attention to detail and the ability to keep the class focused on

the learning objectives was excellent. I consider the class fee to be one of the few bargains

on the market today.

With Great Appreciation

Daryl H.
Safety Consultant
Mississippi Department of Health
Department of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification. 10-24-05

Press Release! September 15, 2005

Mold Attacked by Jani-King International In New Orleans
Mold Remediation Expert brought in to assist in Clean-Up efforts NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA –

(September 15, 2005) – Jani-King International, the world?s largest commercial cleaning franchise

company, is attacking mold spores in and around New Orleans. Since Hurricane Katrina?s

departure from the Gulf Coast, tens of thousands of homes and businesses have become breeding

grounds for dangerous molds. Jani-King has been contracted to clean multiple facilities in the

Gulf Coast region that are infested with harmful mold spores as a result of severe flooding.

To assist with the clean-up efforts, Jani-King has brought in an expert in the field of mold

remediation. William Fisher, President of the Southeastern Mold Institute and former inspector

with the State of Florida, is working with Jani-King to identify flood problems and eliminate the-


Clearwater, Fl.
I have been in construction all my life in one form or another I knew about the dangers of mold

but dismissed it in my habits and mind but after taking this course my employees and I myself will

respect mold and remediate to the fullest existent.

Thank you for this class and waking me up!

V. McMillion 03-17-05

Madera, CA.

The course is short and compact. It is just enough to get one going in this business. It is after all

just the beginning and it will be up to me to expend my education in this field.

Thank you for your help!

D. Younger. 3-16 ?05



Atlanta GA.

I have learned so much from this course. Thank you so much. I sale real-estate properties in

Metro Atlanta, I have five properties that have mold problems. 98% of classes that I have had on

mold for Realtors have been wrong.

Again thank you for helping me find out the truth.

D. Hankins. 11-04-03

Vero Beach Fl.

I found the course to be very informative. The personal experiences also give more insight.

The course is written so that a layman can use it and understand it.

Thanks. O. Messinger 09-12-03

Plano TX.

The materials are very rich and easy to follow. It shows that the writer has a deep

understanding and lots of on the job experience of the subject matter. The facts are very

well stated and no beating around the bush. This is better than most textbooks I read in college.

Thanks D. Eenigiator 09-10-03

Longboat Key, Fl.

The course was informative and practical. I was particularly impressed with the interaction

between the students and instructor, which allowed me to ask many questions related to the

real world not covered in manuals.

Thanks. N. Niemann 02-19-05

Kenner, LA

Class was Excellent would take it again, and again, and again! Please call me
for future material.

Thanks for a wonderful learning environment.

David G. 05-20-06

Warner Robins, GA

This class is a grate learning experience that will be in my memory forever.

I would recommend it to anyone. This class will be an asset to promote a new business venture.

William L. 06-15-07

Bella Vista, AR

This class gave me a good understanding on how to get started in the mold inspection industry.

I am pleased with the knowledge I have gained in the last two days.

This class exceeded my expectations.

Brian G. 07-15-07

Miami, FL

This course was very Informative, and properly explained to the class.

Best training class I?ve ever attended.

John B. 11-018-08

Miami Gardens, FL

Excellent and Informative well prepared material.

Great Job!

John G. 11-18-09

Metairie, LA

Very Informative. I enjoyed the way you tied the construction into

the mold testing, and remediation.

Larry McN. 03-05-10

Myrtle Beach, SC

The Instructor Bill Fisher was great, and I believe I have benefited a great deal from

this class! I walked away with a lot more knowledge because of the quality of the class,

and the experience of the instructor.

Gerrid C. 09-12-10

Leesville, LA.

This is great! I would be willing to pay to get updates or additional support.

Randy N. Leesville, L. 04-05-11

Charlotte, NC.

Class gave me a lot of knowledge, and I really enjoyed both days of the class.

Johney J. 09-19-11

Covington, GA

The class is Professionally-Run, and Comprehensive. I would Definitely recommend it!

Jim M. 03-22-12

Booneville, MS.

Class was very professional and extremely informative! Mr. Fisher answered

all of my questions! Very knowledgeable!

Kevin L. 07-14-13

Gainsville, GA.

Great class very educational and I learned a lot! The instructor was fantastic and

answered every question I had in class!

Michael R. Gainsville, GA. 05-17-14

Tullahoma, TN.

Very Informative class and Mr. Fisher is very knowledgeable in Inspection and Remediation of

Mold. I would Highly Recommend this class to anyone looki to further their knowledge on mold.

Jason G. Tullahoma, TN. 07-17-14

Semmes, AL

It was a very detailed class, and the instructor is very knowledgeable! I can now incorporated

this information into my business, and add it to my other classifications I have as a contractor.

Its a very necessary course if your doing any environmental work as a mold professional.

Tim R. 09-14-14

Semmes, AL

I enjoyed every aspect of the class. It was surprising to learn all of the things that I thought I

knew about Mold, and its contamination. I enjoyed the learning experience and enjoyed

meeting Bill Fisher, and gaining his knowledge in this area. He was very informative,

and very knowledgeable.

Thanks for offering this class and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Deborah R. 09-14-14

Auburn , AL

Class was very educational! William Fisher is a very knowledgeable teacher on the subject

of mold inspection and mold remediation. I will take back the knowledge and put it into

good use. I would definitely recommend this class!

Matt S. / Manager @ Auburn University. 09-20-14

Covington, GA.

The class was very informative and covered the basics of Inspecting and Remediating Mold.

After taking the class I feel comfortable enough to buy the proper equipment to start inspecting

and remediating. I also appreciate the book and material that was included with the class!

Chris T. 03-22-15

Brooksville, FL.

This class covered all I need to know to do my job to the best of my ability.

It will help me with safety on the job and to increases my awareness of mold and how to treat it.

William McH 02-27-16

Tallahassee, FL

Very well informed, talked in a way I can understand. Answare3d all my questions.

I enjoyed the class!

Ronny R. 02-27-16

Cherokee, NC.

Class was very informative really let us know how bad mold is! how to handle it, and

its effects on people. Also how to safely handle it!

Brian A. Cherokee, NC. 03-24-16

Cherokee, NC.

Very informative on all aspects of mold contamination. I had a great time in class answered

all of my questions on the spot.

Mark H. Cherokee, NC. 03-24-16

Orange Park FL.

Very good class, and great information! Best class I ever had for mold contamination!


Alvin F. Orange Park FL. 06-09-16

Milton, FL

This class is very professional! Bill is a great teacher and I would recommend this class for

anyone getting into this business.

Donald D. 06-25-16

Baltimore, MD

Fantastic class well worth the trip from Maryland! The info I have received from

this class will enhance my abilities greatly! Mr. Fisher is a great instructor.

Larry K. 01-28-17

Key West, FL

Great Class learned a lot, and happy I made the trip to the Panhandle for the class.

Mr. Fisher is an expert in the field of Inspection and Remediation of mold. I?m sure

that everything I learned in Panama City with Bill will greatly improve my business!


Burt S. 01-28-17



Birmingham, AL

The class and the new class material is great. Never knew the scale and scope of information

I did not know before I took this class! The course was a real eye opener for me!

Jesse McG. 01-28-17

New York City, NY

I ordered the study at home course and the material was very good and easy to understand.

Just what I needed to get the service contract I needed to work on foreclosures in my area.

Thanks for the course material, and the attractive certificate for framing!

Martin V. 02-12-17

St. Petersburg, FL

Very good class this will help me expand my business. Best training class I?ve had in a long

wile! Well worth the trip to be there, and the Instructor was the best loaded with knowledge.

Carl W. 03-25-17

San Francisco, CA

Thanks for shipping me the study at home course! I?m also happy to be a member of SEMI.

The material was rich with information, and the DVD that came with it was great!

Thanks for your course and your support.

Adam H. 04-12-17

Jacksonville, FL

The Panama City class was great, and only five hours from my house in Jacksonville.

Even though the class was quite large you did a great job running the class.

Thanks for covering all of our questions its the first class I?ve had where I didn’t have

more questions then I did when I got there! You covered everything!

Samuel B. 04-22-17

Tallahassee, FL

As a contractor here in Florida we have a lot of regulations to deal with. Your course

material was easy to understand and falls right into place with my business plan for

the future. The test was on the information we covered in class to a tee! This course

was well worth the expense, and thank you for your professionalism!

Paul W. 05-27-17

Washington, DC

Your Study at home course was just what I needed here in DC. The Book, and DVD

covers more then I had hoped for! It gets into the science of the mold business better

then anything I?ve read before! Thanks, and I?m proud to be a member of SEMI!

Tom J. 06-03-17


Mexico Beach, FL

The June class was great, and I believe all 16 of us had a very enjoyable experience!

Thanks for the course and thanks also for the phone support you provide with our

membership. Thanks for the return call that helped me with my mold project.

David Z. 06-24-17

Dothan, AL

Wow! What a great class! Both my wife and I had a great learning experience in your

two day course. The training material and Instructor Bill Fisher was the ideal teacher

we needed to help us get into this part of the business. We were losing money because

we had to use a third party to do some of our remediation work. Your hands on class

gave us everything we need to save money and succeed by doing it the right way!

Jim & Lisa P. 06-24-17

Tampa, FL

Mr. Fisher, thanks for setting up the one on one privet class for me. My English is not the

best but we got through the material, and I passed your test! Thanks for taking your time for me!

Rolando G. 06-29-17

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks Mr. Fisher, for your fantastic class, We all greatly impressed with your
knowledge and expertise. We will be sending more of our employees in the future.
Frank E. 09-12-17

Dallas, TX

On behalf of our company I want to thank you for the great job you did with
our employees. We were blind to the dangers of mold and what it could do to
our employees, and customers. I feel that we now have the tools of knowledge
to make better decisions when dealing with mold contamination issues!
Terry B. 11-21-17

Nashville, TN

Great class and well worth the trip! Thanks Bill Fisher for your class and all the
great information. I’m very happy with the scope, and detail of the this class. It’s
the more fun I’ve ever had in a training class for anything. You covered all of our
questions, and the class was very professional done!
Mike D. 01-18-18

Baltimore, MD

Thanks Bill Fisher of The South Eastern Mold Institute for your study at home program.
I covered the course material and it was easy to understand and very detailed. Also I
would like to thank you for excellent support, and backup when we have on the job
questions about an on going project! Thanks again!
Kevin W. 02-20-18

Miami, FL
Mr. Fisher,
Thank you for coming down to Miami to train our fifteen employees and educate us
about Mold Contamination issues. We deal with water and sewage infiltration into
homes and business everyday! Now after attending your Mold Inspection, and Mold-
Remediation training program everything is going much smother now and our
employees are more capable doing their job’s!
Roberto G. 04-22-18

St. Petersburg, FL
Thanks you Mr. Fisher! The employees and maintenance staff of our Retirement Home
thank you for the training you provided. Thanks to you we now have a program that
allows our employees a better understanding of what mold is and how to keep it
from becoming an environmental hazard as it had before. Thanks to you our staff
can keep on top of things keeping us and our residents safe and healthy.
Lisa H. 06-28-18

Orlando, FL
Thanks Mr. Fisher and also to the South Eastern Mold Institute! The privet class you
gave me was great. You covered everything I needed to know to be successful in this
business. I will be sending three more of my employees up to you in Panama City soon
to train them as well.
Larry Z. 07-12-18

Dothan, AL

Mr. Fisher this was a great class! The best mold training class I’ve ever had. Lots of information

to absorbed. I’m sure that this class will help me, and our employees do a much better job!


Tom W. 08-18-18


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