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Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.


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Blog 5-28-2018
Tropical Storm Alberto
The Flooding of Ellicott City, MD.
William E. Fisher, Jr.
Well we are interring into another new year and getting into the rainy season once more. Flooding of homes and business will be hitting us again, and with the flooding comes mold growth creating a toxic mold environmental nightmare!

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, and The South Eastern Mold Institute (SEMI) are here to help home and business owners find the right path for your mold contaminated issues. It only takes twenty four to thirty six hours for mold to start growing in your home and on your furnishings. For information on Black Mold Treatments, How to kill mold, and how to remove mold from drywall, we can give you the best way to go in solving your toxic mold problems.

The South Eastern Mold Institute is all about how to educate the public, and contractors on mold issues that effect the public at large. How to kill and control mold growth, How to clean black mold, toxic mold symptoms, and Black Mold Treatments is what SEMI is all about! Getting you the information needed to fight and save your mold contaminated home and property.

AAA Advanced Air and Mold Solutions covers all of the South East United States!
Black Mold Treatments, Black Toxic Mold Inspections, Consulting on Mold Contaminated problems, will give you the information and mold professional expertise to resolve your damaged properties. Panama City, Tallahassee, Miami, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, and Tampa are just some of the Florida City we cover for our customers. We also service Alabama, Georgia, and all other city’s in-between!

We also offer litigation support and William E. Fisher, Jr has been in court several times serving as an expert witness on black mold related issues. For flooded building in Alberto path, and water damaged buildings in Ellicott City Maryland we also have the ability to inspect, and or train you by certification through SEMI. If your a property owner of any mold contaminated buildings SEMI’s Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation Training, and Water Restoration course would be ideal for you. Because for a small investment you could save thousands of dollars doing some of the remediation yourself.

Mold contaminated is dangerous work so don’t try without getting your SEMI Mold Certification! Without proper training removing mold contaminated drywall, and other contaminated materials in the flood damaged building can hurt or even kill under the right conditions. We sell the right chemical to combat, and control mold growth. See our website under products for Fisher’s Subdue XXX. A little goes a long way for only $250.00 dollars per gallon. Just add on ounce to a gallon of distilled water for the best anti-microbial mold treatment possible. Or Call Bill Fisher to set up an appointment.

Call Us Today at 850-276-3135 and ask for Bill Fisher President of SEMI, and AAA Advanced Air and Mold Solutions. Our training at home program is $550.00 our hands on class is 1,250.00 and
a privet class one on one is $1,500.00. Call today to take advantage of our advanced program.

Why SEMI is the way to go for Mold Related Services Training!

Why SEMI is the way to go for Mold Related Services Training!
William E. Fisher, Jr.

The South Eastern Mold Institute (SEMI) is happy to announce that we have updated our school website. We will be adding additional photos and text for our students to enjoy! SEMI’s Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration Certification is still of the highest degree of value when it comes to the Mold Related Services Training that only we can truly supply!

SEMI by Defacto Standard has proven time after time the we are the most reputable Mold Training Organization in America today! Our record stands and we have been approved, and used by more Federal, State, County, and City Governmental agency’s then any other Mold Educational Service for over the last sixteen years. With students across America, and the World our National and International standing exhibits that the South Eastern Mold Institute Inc not only sets the Bar for excellence we are the Bar!

Toxic Mold Certification by SEMI gives your company the ability to stand tall in the Inspection, Remediation, and Water Restoration Industry! Many agency’s now look for the SEMI Certification on Vendors Paperwork when bidding on government or municipal projects. Our training organization has been training students since 2002 and our class curriculum is based on hands on experience gained in over 45 years in the housing industry.

The Mold Related Service Training and Certification of our course material is from the real working experience by Bill Fisher President of SEMI and AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc. Your questions asked during the training program are always answered during the class. After your training and certification for the art of Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration we will help you and your company with advice as needed on your mold projects as needed. We also pass along referrals if someone contacts us about their mold problems in your area.

Our mission is to train those with the guts and determination to see these jobs through to the end. To train students to be able to do the very best possible for their customers! To protect, and see to the health of not only the home the customer lives in but for their well being as well. You’ll discover the investment you make with The South Eastern Mold Institute for your mold educational needs will be money well spent!

SEMI doesn’t have to buddy up with other organizations to try to give ourselves a faults sense of legitimacy! The government agency’s that use our services do that for us! When you join up with SEMI we do not ask you to pay a yearly registration fee! Once your trained your a member for life. So if you would like to become a member of the SEMI family sign up for your training and become part of our National and International Family at SEMI. The study at home course is only
$550.00 our Hands on Course is $1,250.00, and Privet one on one classes are still $1,500.00.

Mold Certification from the South Eastern Mold Institute is everything you’ll need to know about being successful in this business of mold in any type of building! We are about the science of mold contamination education! Special thanks to our SEMI Certified Students for making us number one in this fast growing industry!

What is Accreditation? Definition & Meaning!

Blog… By William E. Fisher, Jr.
President of AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc.
President of The South Eastern Mold Institute, Inc.

It has come to my attention recently that some people do not understand the difference between accreditation, and certification. Lets look at the Mold Inspection, and Mold Remediation Industry for an example. Today you have Mold Training Organizations that have no real standing but that doesn’t keep them from taking your money and giving you a worthless piece of paper. Yes it may look pretty hanging on your wall but that all you get. Their accreditation, and certification is build up on a pile of innuendo and half truths. Never the less your getting ripped off, and that’s a real shame because money is hard to come by these days. Remember in the Wizard of OZ the little man behind the curtain pulling cables to make lightning and thunder? Well that’s who some of these guys are! All you have to do is take your time and do the research.

First I’m going to explain where we get our accreditation, and about our certification! We are recognized by Federal, State, County, and City Governmental Agency’s. The South Eastern Mold Institute (SEMI), and AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc are both used by the before mentioned agency’s! That gives us our Accreditation, and our Certification. Both words are more or less the same in design. Government Agency’s are required by their own protocols and laws to use those that fall into their qualification guidelines for vendors to service their properties, and for companies to do their educational training. We do both for them and have the documentation to prove it!

One of the things that I’m very proud of is the Letter of Commendation we received from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection back in 2007. As far as I know we are the only company that has ever received one. We have done Inspection, remediation, and Spray Treatments on Mold Contaminated buildings for Florida. I have also trained Inspectors for The Florida Department of Health Care Adminstration to insure that their employees are safe, and know what to look for in Nursing Homes, Assisted Care Living Facilities, and other building that come under their supervision.

The Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation Industry is NOT! Under any Federal Agency, and there are only a few stated that even have a program that licenses for mold or mold remediation. And that’s a real problem folks. You see some of these people in business came out from nowhere and decided that if their in the carpet cleaning business well their also now mold experts. And some of these people have ended up with disastrous results with one resulting in death in Panama City, Fl a few years ago. In that case they did not remove the mold contamination the tried to hide, and conceal it!

Other companies have given themselves self accreditation, and certification along with creating fake websites with no address, phone number or email address making it almost impossible to talk to someone. Like I said above do some research before you sign on for a class with anyone.

The South Eastern Mold Institute Inc and AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc has been recognized, and qualified by the above Agency’s so our accreditation and certification is of the highest value for your Mold Training educational needs! We have also been acknowledged by those agency’s by their employees and regulators in authority qualifying us for their service, and educational needs.

The President William E. Fisher, Jr. is a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor, Florida Licensed Mold Remediator, Florida Licensed Mold Related Services Training Instructor, Former Florida Licensed Mobile Home Installer, and Former Florida State Inspector, Inspecting Mobile Home Factory’s, RV Dealerships, and Consumer Complaints.

For your Advanced Mold Certification in Inspection, and Remediation, or for Consulting on your Mold Related Issues give Bill Fisher a Call at:

Train In Classroom $1,250
Train At Home $550
Bill can help you with your mold problem!

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