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Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.
Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.


Air Carpet Sampling Kit
Air Carpet Sampling Kit


Bioaersol Cassette
Bioaersol Cassette


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Why SEMI is the way to go for Mold Related Services Training!

Why SEMI is the way to go for Mold Related Services Training!
William E. Fisher, Jr.

The South Eastern Mold Institute (SEMI) is happy to announce that we have updated our school website. We will be adding additional photos and text for our students to enjoy! SEMI’s Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration Certification is still of the highest degree of value when it comes to the Mold Related Services Training that only we can truly supply!

SEMI by Defacto Standard has proven time after time the we are the most reputable Mold Training Organization in America today! Our record stands and we have been approved, and used by more Federal, State, County, and City Governmental agency’s then any other Mold Educational Service for over the last sixteen years. With students across America, and the World our National and International standing exhibits that the South Eastern Mold Institute Inc not only sets the Bar for excellence we are the Bar!

Toxic Mold Certification by SEMI gives your company the ability to stand tall in the Inspection, Remediation, and Water Restoration Industry! Many agency’s now look for the SEMI Certification on Vendors Paperwork when bidding on government or municipal projects. Our training organization has been training students since 2002 and our class curriculum is based on hands on experience gained in over 45 years in the housing industry.

The Mold Related Service Training and Certification of our course material is from the real working experience by Bill Fisher President of SEMI and AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc. Your questions asked during the training program are always answered during the class. After your training and certification for the art of Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration we will help you and your company with advice as needed on your mold projects as needed. We also pass along referrals if someone contacts us about their mold problems in your area.

Our mission is to train those with the guts and determination to see these jobs through to the end. To train students to be able to do the very best possible for their customers! To protect, and see to the health of not only the home the customer lives in but for their well being as well. You’ll discover the investment you make with The South Eastern Mold Institute for your mold educational needs will be money well spent!

SEMI doesn’t have to buddy up with other organizations to try to give ourselves a faults sense of legitimacy! The government agency’s that use our services do that for us! When you join up with SEMI we do not ask you to pay a yearly registration fee! Once your trained your a member for life. So if you would like to become a member of the SEMI family sign up for your training and become part of our National and International Family at SEMI. The study at home course is only
$550.00 our Hands on Course is $1,250.00, and Privet one on one classes are still $1,500.00.

Mold Certification from the South Eastern Mold Institute is everything you’ll need to know about being successful in this business of mold in any type of building! We are about the science of mold contamination education! Special thanks to our SEMI Certified Students for making us number one in this fast growing industry!

Train In Classroom $1,250
Train At Home $550
Bill can help you with your mold problem!

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$550 $500
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