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Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.
Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.


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Air Carpet Sampling Kit


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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Blog: 11-07-18 Hurricane Micheal

Hurricane Micheal
William E. Fisher, Jr

SEMI BLOG: 11-07-18
Panama City, Florida.

SEMI with AAA Advanced Air and Mold Solutions, Inc is working hard to serve the public with storm damage from Hurricane Micheal. Many people are still without power, and many are homeless due to the Category 5 Storm. Mold Inspections, and Mold Remediation by AAA Advanced Air and Mold Solutions, is a local business to Panama City, Florida and the surrounding areas. Mold Inspections, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration is the key to getting your home or business back into an environmentally safe condition for living or working.

The South Eastern Mold Institute (SEMI) has been training people from all around the world. SEMI is a National and International Toxic Mold Training organization since 2002.We specialize in getting the right information to our students so that they can do the professional job needed to restore their customers home or business back to a safe environment for work or play!

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions does professional Mold Testing Sampling, Mold Clearance Testing for the levels of mold contamination, Professional Mold Spraying to kill and control mold growth in any type of dwelling! We also do litigation support to assist your Attorney if your having trouble getting a settlement with your insurance provider.

By using AAA Advanced Air and Mold Solutions you’ll be getting the experience needed to resolve the mold contamination issues you may be facing! Testing is the only way to identify the types and levels of mold in your home or work environment. We collect multiple samples to send off for analysis at a quality laboratory for expert review to get the answers needed for a successful mold remediation project. Mold removal and mold testing in site-built homes, manufactured homes, and commercial buildings needs to be done to the highest standards to combat mold allergens that can cause symptoms affecting the health of you and your family! Black mold symptoms like nose bleeding, runny nose, irritation to the eyes, skin rash, problems with memory are just a few of the problems that Black Toxic Mold’s can have on your health.

Fee’s for mold testing can very, and everyone that does testing is not all the same! Our fee’s include a detailed report on our finding, with photographs taken at the inspection site, laboratory analysis of samples collected, and in most cases a remediation plan to return your home to an environmentally safe condition providing that its not in a totaled out condition.

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Mold Inspections
Mold Remediation
Water Restoration
Mold Consultation
Mold Litigation Support
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