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Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.


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SEMI Blog: 10-22-18 by William E. Fisher, Jr. Hurricane Michael

SEMI Blog: 10-22-18 by William E. Fisher, Jr.
Now that Hurricane Michael has made landfall we are still have problems with water damage! Toxic Mold Growth will start growing on the interior wall’s of homes, and business in those effected areas. As the water levels drop the mold will start to show itself becoming visible to the naked eye!

As flood water start to drop we also are going to have a problem with bacteria! Flood water from the ocean, rivers, and lakes are loaded with fungal and bacterial contamination. Sinks, bathtubs, washing machines and anything else that can hold water can become the ideal place for bacterial as well as fungal mold growth.

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions, Inc, and The South Eastern Mold Institute Inc does Storm Damage Consulting. We do Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, Anti-Microbial Spraying of Contaminated Homes, and Business! We also write remediation plans for the restoration of buildings, and Litigation Support for cases involving Lawsuits for Mold Contamination.

Beware of Scammer!
The problem with any kind of disaster is sometimes all the bad people come out to make a quick buck by taking advantage of you at your weakest! DON’T Pay Cash up front for any kind of work! If you do just make sure that they are a legitimate business! We get paid up front on Mold Testing, and Spray Treatment of buildings! But we do have a proven track record and we have been in business In the Panama City, Bay County area since 2002. The Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration is like any other business. You have the good and the bad so don’t lose heart! Just do a little checking around before you do business with them. Lot’s of Church Groups will also come into your area to help with clean-up! That can cause some problems because if they get there before the real professionals do it can cause the pro’s to maybe miss some of what has been going on at your property! Like trying to do autopsy after the body has been cremated!

Over charging is going on already from what I’m hearing coming from the field. One job was bid on by three companies! One bid was around $16,000.00 the second was around $24,000.00 and the third was somewhere in the 30’s! Some of these folks putting out bids have no formal training for Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation or Water Restoration! If your having a problem call us at SEMI ask for William E. Fisher 850-276-3135 or visit us at or

Toxic Black Mold Contamination can be a real problem! Use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) before your enter your mold contaminated home or property! If you don’t take the time to protect your health no one else will. Don’t put your health at risk without using protective proper equipment! It can save your life.

Get your roof protected as soon as possible!
Mold contamination will become a bigger problem as time passes! Home still standing in Lynn Haven Florida, Panama City, Mexico Beach, and the surrounding area’s can start to show visible mold growth on wall’s, ceiling’s, carpeting, and furniture as time passes! Get your roof’s protected as soon as possible! The more water intrusion into the home the heaver the mold growth will become! Rain pouring into the interior of the already mold contaminated building will greatly spread mold throughout the building creating an environmental hazard to anyone entering without using any protective equipment!

Toxic Mold Contamination is a real problem that should not be taken lightly! Safety should come first, and fore most when dealing with it! It only takes 24 to 36 hours for mold to start growing inside your home or business. So time is a big factor in combating the mold contamination.

AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions Inc and The South Eastern Mold Institute has been fighting mold contamination in this area for over 20 years!
William E. Fisher, Jr is the only Person to receive a Letter of Commendation from the Florida Department for work and consultation for State of Florida owned properties!
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