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Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.


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Mold Inspections, and why they are necessary!

Blog: 06-06-18
Mold Inspections, and why they are necessary!
William E. Fisher, Jr.

Their is nothing more important they your health, and once you lose your good health its hard to get it back. Mold contamination in your home or work place can greatly effect your health. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem. Your nose is your first line of defense because in most cases you’ll smell it before you see it growing on ceilings, walls, carpeting, or your furniture. Sometimes it’s all over everything like someone used a pepper shaker to spread it all over exposed surfaces. A fact you should always keep in the back of your mind is mold spores are invisible to the naked eye! So if you do see mold growing on any surface one square foot can contain over three hundred million mold spores!

Realtor’s and property owners don’t like to talk about Mold Issues! Often they will try to hide the problem and hope that the prospective buyer will sign on the doted line passing the mold contamination problem onto someone else. The last two cases I sat in court as an expert witness was against Realtors who failed to give full disclosure to the prospective buyer of the contaminated properties.

In todays world we are learning more and more everyday about the effects of mold contamination on the human body. But when it comes to spending the money for the information to make wise decisions in regards to buying a environmentally safe property very few will spend the money. Most folks selling property don’t want to spend anything they just want to sell! The home buyer thinks if anyone should spend money for a mold inspection it should be the seller! After all the home or business should be safe if your placing it on the market to sell, and maybe their right! But at the end of the day the only way to truly know if a property is safe is by a detailed mold inspection to prove the home or business is within our industry standards.

For detailed toxic black mold inspections those trained by the South Eastern Mold Institute are the best trained today. AAA Advanced Air and Mold Solutions, Inc is the best Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation company today, and also provides litigation support along with consulting for mold contamination issues. The South Eastern Mold Institute is the ideal information resource for your Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation educational needs. Based out of Panama City Florida we also cover the south eastern United States. You’ll learn just how dangerous black toxic mold can be. How to kill black mold, and how to clean black toxic molds.

AAA Advanced Air and Mold Solutions, Inc headed by William E. Fisher, Jr has the life long skills, and training to get your properties back into an environmentally safe condition. Our documentation will give you the legal foundation you’ll need if your selling or buying a property. Mr. Fisher can be reached at 850-276-3135 for your educational, inspection or remediation needs.
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For your Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation or Water Restoration Training for Toxic Mold Contaminated Properties give SEMI and AAA Advanced Air & Mold Solutions a call today!
William E. Fisher, Jr is a Licensed Florida Mold Assessor, Mold Remediator, and Mold Services Training Provider! Become a SEMI Member for Life!

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