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Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.
Petri Dishes used for mold sampling.


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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Cold Weather & Frozen Water Lines! By William E. Fisher, Jr. President of SEMI 02-24-18

A lot of people today think that just because its winter they don’t have to worry about mold contamination. However nothing could be farther from the truth. The mold in your home is always going to be there after all its the worlds largest Bio-Mass! Just remember that all mold needs to grow is air, moisture, and food! Its a micro-organism just trying to reproduce itself like any other plant. A good Mold Inspection is key to finding the problem!

Frozen water lines in unoccupied builds, and homes needs to be winterized. If their not going to be heated the main water supply lines should be turned off and the water line depressurized. In todays construction plastic is widely used in plumbing and it doesn’t work well with extremely low temperatures. So great care should be used to protect your property from water damage and the possibility of toxic mold contamination of the structure. Copper water lines will also break from cold weather so don’t think because it metal it wont freeze! Water in P-Traps, Toilet Tanks, and Toilet Bowls can also freeze and break. If you go to Google and put in Keywords Mold, Snow, under Images you’ll see photos of mold growing on snow! Mold can grown in boiling water, and yes also live on ice like snow. So you see mold can grow under many conditions most people would never dream of.

If your looking for ways to expand your business, and would like to gain the knowledge needed to Inspect for Mold and/or Remediate Mold Contamination, SEMI can help you! The advance training and SEMI Certification for Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration to succeed! Is used by more Federal, State, County, and City Governmental agencies then any other in America today! Join up with SEMI a National and International Organization Since 2012.

William E. Fisher, Jr is the Master Instructor for our advanced Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation, and Water Restoration Training Program. If you want a quality training program call Bill Fisher today! 850-276-3135

Mold Certification Through SEMI By William E. Fisher, Jr 02-20-18

When you spend your hard earned money you should get the most for your dollars! After all money is still hard to come by these days. We at SEMI have been training people across this great country and around the world since 2002. We have seen a lot of training companies come and go since then! Everyone likes to advertise theirs is the best but the reality is most often theirs is not!

SEMI a few years ago requested a State and Federal Investigation on some of theses folks out there advertising just how great they were and who they were connected with giving them the credibility to train you. These folks build fake web-sites talking about how they were the best thing since white bread. But the reality was when you went to those sites their was no phone number, no email address, no way to contact these fake organizations. Just a bunch of text with pretty photos to give you that warm and fuzzy felling before you spent your money for a worthless piece of paper!

At SEMI the Mold Inspection, and Mold Remediation is a serious business! For us its more then making a dollar off our students! This business is for the education you’ll need to inspect and restore mold contaminated homes, business, school, air craft, ships, basements, sub-floors, and attics. Our advanced training at SEMI gives you the educational tools needed to succeed in this business. Many of our competitors don’t have the experience our Master Instructor has! Bill Fisher has over thirty plus years experience in the housing industry and has been given a letter of Commendation for work preformed on State of Florida own properties. SEMI has also trained many of the Florida Department of Health Inspectors.

If you join up with SEMI you’ll have access to our instructor, advice on projects as needed, and even legal advice! Everything to do with inspections, remediation, water restoration, chemical treatments for mold, and safety protocols to keep you, your employees, and customers safe wile getting their home or businesses into an environmentally safe condition!

SEMI does not charge you a yearly re-certification fee to keep you in good standing! No Student with SEMI has ever paid such a fee. Your initial registration fee covers your life time membership with SEMI. So if you come to a hands on class or use our study at home course you still receive the same benefits! If your wanting to be a part of our National and International Training Organization give us a call today! 850-276-3135 Be a Member for life at SEMI.

Get your Toxic Mold Certification through SEMI.
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